This is Us...

Ownders of Pyrografika206

Pyrografika206 is a creative family business that developed from our desire to encourage a love of culture and heritage in our children and grandchildren.

Alfredo and I met in 1981.  We married only four months after we first saw each other, but not until we'd had many long talks about our shared values, goals, and dreams.  Number one on both of our lists was family, and not just the kind of family you're born into, but the family that develops around you as you go through life as well.

Which brings me to these two...  These are two of my closest friends, my sisters, really.  We met back when I was the new kid in second grade.  We grew up together, our kids grew up together...  We've shared adventures, troubles, and cultures for about 5 decades now.  


Which leads to the final part of the answer... our grandchildren.  My oldest daughter married a young man from Samoa and cemented our families connection to the Islands with two afakasi grandsons.  My oldest son married a girl from the Philippines and strengthened that connection as well.  Our grandchildren are being raised to know not only their own cultures, but also those of their cousins.  It is for them that I create, and it is for them that Alfredo and I work to create a business they can eventually become part of.  It is our hope that they will gain appreciation for the beautiful contributions of their ancestors to the world, for hard work, and for never giving up on your dreams.  

The most often asked question I get is, "Why Filipino and Polynesian art?"  These two are the beginning of the answer.  Elisa's family (middle) is from the Philippines, and Lorna's family (Right) is from Samoa.  In grade school, we learned to dance tinikling together, and Lorna's sister taught us a Samoan version of Little Grass Shack.  We didn't think anything of the differences that might have been between us, only the similarities.

Alfredo is the next part of the answer, because his parents are also from the Philippines.  His mother was raised in Pangasinan, and his biological father's family is from down in Cebu.  We wanted to be sure our children would be firmly rooted in all parts of their heritage, but with a Lola who cooked for them constantly, you can be sure their Filipino side made a deep impression.