Here we go!

It's time to make things a bit more accessible for people interested in what we're doing here at Pyrografika206. What started out as my own wood burning hobby has become a family business, and it's growing quickly. That's a good thing, but I'll be honest, it's scary, too. There's so many things to learn, organize, and get done! We're fortunate, though, to have a family willing to help in any way they can.

Our kids attend all the events and shows that they can, my oldest daughter's husband and sons being our rode crew, and my daughters both helping with customers in the booth. Our oldest granddaughter is currently helping me to build this webpage, and we get lots of encouragement and ideas from everyone. It is ALL about family for us.

We are a mixed bunch - Filipino, Scots/Norwegian, Samoan, Chinese, French/Irish, Cambodian... You can read our "About" page to hear how we ended up focusing on Filipino and Polynesian inspired art, but the short answer is heritage. It began with gifts I was making for family and friends, but eventually, we took the first step of selling on Etsy, because we wanted to show our grandchildren that the artistic contributions of their ancestors was something they could be proud of, and to encourage them to follow their own passions.

We are now getting commissions, building an online presence, and will someday go back to doing the events that Covid has put a stop to. This website is a place for us to create a gallery of the work Alfredo and I create together, to tell the story of a business that has grown out of a shared love for family and culture. I hope you enjoy following our journey.

Salamat, Fa'afetai, and thank you.

~ Karli

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